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Plastic-Free by 2025

by Michael Koh


Tree to Tub has pledged to go plastic-free by 2025.


We might be a small company, but we hope to make a big difference. In an effort to lead our industry and set an example, Tree to Tub has made the pledge to go plastic-free by 2025. We are going to evaluate our business practices and work with our suppliers, and we will rethink our products and packing.


We will revisit traditional alternatives, as well as examine new innovations with natural materials such as paper, sugarcare, wood, algae and fungi. More importantly, our aim will be to ensure our alternatives are also sustainable and improve our planet, instead of just shifting the problem elsewhere. For instance, glass can be recycled and reused; however, its reusability is limited before it needs to be melted down again. It is also fragile, requiring having an expanded inventory which demands additional energy and resources. Glass is also heavy, which results in higher carbon emissions due to transit. Other touted alternatives such as "biodegradable single-use packing" also present problems. For example, it only degrade in highly contained environments with high enough heat and moisture levels that allow microbes to break down the polymer. Moreover, these bottles often made with a plastic liner and chemicals that may end up never naturally degrading. 


Similarly, Polyhydroxyalkanoate or PHA, is a polyester made in the natural world (as opposed to synthetic polyester) and is both bio-based and biodegradable. It sounds like a great alternative, but it is very costly and it requires repurposing farmland, high water usage, and chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides.


Many alternatives we have looked at haven't offered a real fix, but we are ready to continue the search. Sustainability and harmony with the Earth is at the core of our business, and for a small company like us this is a large undertaking and will take time for us to create a sustainable system without plastic. Rethinking our reliance on plastic is a challenge, but we all need to do our part. You can start helping too by re-examining your habits and choices. If you would like to know more on where to start, check out the guide to going plastic-free 



Very Innovative and so important to our environment. Thank you for doing this and I hope that others will follow your lead.


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