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Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer

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Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer
Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer

Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer

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Your skin is picky. We know, and we want you to feel safe with us. If your skin doesn’t like it, just ask us for free exchanges or a full refund.

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The products feel wonderful on my skin

Hi. My name is Karen and I am giving a review for the company. Tree to tub. I recently found them. I bought one of their products through another company's website and fell in love with it. And so I went on their website to see what else they had. The product that I started off trying was the ginseng green tea Retin on repair night cream. This works fabulous. You only need a tiny little bit. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. I have very sensitive skin and very dry skin. I live in Las Vegas, so it's very dry here. So once I started tried that product, I decided to give the little little sample pack that they have with shampoo and conditioner and lotion. I loved the products, so I ordered full sized products of it. I used the soapbrery for hair shampoo, the Aragn oil for hair conditioner, and I also use the soapberry for body wash. It does not leave my scalp or my skin itchy. Everything. It feels wonderful. I don't have any problems with breakouts. I also use the shea butter for body lavender. I like using that at night before I go to bed because the lavender scent kind of relaxes me and lets me go to sleep easier. I recently tried their shea cocoa, butter, body butter, the Sunkissed Citrus. All of their scents are very, very mild. They're not overpowering, and they don't bother my skin. Ah, lot of scented products I have problems with. But I haven't found any of their products that I have any issues with. And like I said, you don't need a lot of the items. So they did last a long time. I highly recommend this company and it seems like the guys that started it are really fun. And they send you, send you emails telling you about their country company and how it started in Taiwan. And I'm just really thrilled to share this with you. And I hope that you try the product line and love it as much as I do. Thanks. Have a great day!

My skin looks & feels amazing!

My teenage daughters have acne-prone and sensitive skin and tried the cream for a few days and just loved how it felt. Went on very smooth and absorbed very quick leaving no residue unlike most of the face creams they have used. Had a light fragrance and we just love everything about it.
All day moisturizing that doesn't feel greasy and doesn't clog your pores. I love that it immediately melts into my skin and doesn't leave a residue that interferes with makeup application.
This truly completes the Tree To Tub skin care set! Morning: cleanser, toner, and apply this daytime moisturizer. Evening: cleanser, toner, night serum, night cream & eye cream. Combined with their clay mask a few times per week, your skin will look and feel amazing!

No harsh chemicals on my skin

Hi, My name is Meg and I think I'm officially Tree To Tub's Biggest fan. I use a lot of their products, and I wanted to tell you about some of their products that I absolutely love. I used these three products in the morning in the shower and the shampoo and the conditioner moisturizes and cleans my hair without any harsh chemicals. I love their body wash that also doubles as a shave cream. These three are all in awakening Peppermint. They're my favorite scent for the morning. I find it really wakes me up and energizes me for my day, it's a little bit tingly. So those are my my must haves in the morning in the shower. I love their moisturizer in their serum in the morning for hydrating my face at night. I prefer their lavender, that relaxing lavender scent for cleaning my face. And these there are skin care products. Really, they absorbed quickly. There are no harsh chemicals, but my absolute favorite product, my new favorite product right now Is their shea butter hand cream. I love how quickly absorbs on my hands, and it really makes them soft. It helps with the eczema. It absorbs quickly. Smells wonderful. So I love to smooth that on at night, gets me ready to go to bed. They're some of the products that I use in some of the reasons that I love them. I hope you consider using them as well. Thank you.

Relieved extreme dryness.

I have had extremely dry skin for about 20 years, and facial pain to go with it. I'm almost 73. The Ginseng Green Tea Moisturizer changed my skin in less than a week. No more pain. Not kidding. I can't say I know why or how it works, but it did for me. I don't normally do product reviews, but this one was worth the effort. :)


Excellent face cream, I love it !