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Free Shea & Cocoa Butter Lotion $69+ | Exfoliating Body Wash $99+

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Is your skin extra sensitive? Other brands just don't work for you?

Stop the search. Feel safe and comfortable with Tree To Tub!

Is your skin extra sensitive?

Other brands just don't work for you?

Stop the search.

Feel safe and comfortable with Tree To Tub!

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Delicate Skin

Some of us just need a little extra love. Is your skin extra dry or sensitive? You've tried everything out there, and they just don’t work for you?

We get you. That’s why we created Tree To Tub. Feel safe and comfy here, you are right at home!

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Safe Ingredients

When we say safe, we really mean safe! Enjoy the purest ingredients from Mother Nature.


That’s the pH of your skin! Most of our products match your skin’s pH for extra gentleness.

Fragrance Free

Fragrance can often be irritating and toxic, that’s why we only use light, natural essential oils.

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Ginseng & Green Tea

Shea Butter

Argan Oil


Did you know soap grows on trees? Yes, with a little rub, these berries foam up just like soap, but better! The creamy lather from the berry is not only pH balanced (~5.5) for the human body, but also contains rich antioxidants—perfect for every skin type!

In fact, it’s been used by indigenous cultures as a gentle cleanser for thousands of years! Why use harsh chemicals when you have Mother Earth’s little Soapberries? Finally we can all clean the natural way!


Ginseng & Green Tea

No matter where you are from, we all want to look young and beautiful. Actually, before “anti-aging” was even a word, women in Asia were already using Ginseng and Green Tea as their secret weapon to stay radiant and youthful.

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Ginseng and Green Tea are the perfect combo to battle signs of aging. Try them for yourself and say hello to smoothdewy skin you were born with!

Ginseng & Green Tea

Shea Butter

You already know Shea Butter is the king when it comes to moisturizing the skin. But, did you know your typical “shea butter lotion” often comes with all kinds of harsh preservatives, and synthetic fragrances that could cause problems for your delicate skin?

We take our shea butter seriously. After all, it gets absorbed into your skin! Not only that we use only the cleanest ingredients, we pair our Shea Butter with other soothing botanicals to hydrate and calm your skin. Cocoon yourself in moisture and see the difference yourself!

Shea Butter

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is our favorite ingredient for the hair care line. It’s the fancy cocktail of vitamins and fatty acids that your body has been thirsting for. It’s powerful yet kind to your skin, not too light, nor too heavy, just perfect for your hair.

Magic happens when you combine Argan Oil and the Soapberry. While Soapberry gently removes dirt and debris, Argan Oil nourishes hair strands and quenches scalp dryness without leaving greasy residue. You’ll love your hair more than ever!

Argan Oil

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