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From "Soapberri" to "Tree to Tub", why?

by Michael Koh

From Soapberri to Tree to Tub: Why We Changed Our Name

As our supporter, you might be thinking...

“Why did you change the name?”

“What’s Tree to Tub?”

“...but I like Soapberri!”

We want to share the story behind it with you, since you are an important part of this change!

In the past decade, the Farm-to-Table movement has made tremendous progress in promoting high-quality, unprocessed food at restaurants by directly sourcing from the producer. Furthermore, a big part of the Farm-to-Table movement educates us on knowing where our food comes from.

fresh fruits/vegetables on a market

Farmer’s markets brought food from “Farm-to-Table”, and we believe the same principles can be, and should be applied to everything we use in our day-to-day life, like our soap, the next closest thing to food.

Let’s face it, the soap industry hasn’t changed much in the past century. Yes, some brands have started to offer solutions that are more natural and environmentally friendly. However, most are still bottles of unknown chemicals, and we (the consumers) seem to be ok with that.

We want to change that.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to know that your soap is made from wild soapberries, from the eco-reserves in Taiwan, by a loving, local community that has practiced this tradition for generations?

farmers harvesting soap nuts

Our mission has evolved from just offering the most natural soap, to initiating a new movement to change the way we clean, and the way we think about cleaning.

With the name change, we want to share our initiative with you, and invite you join our movement to bring soap from “Tree to Tub”, and change the way we clean!

soapberry new logo: Tree to Tub


“Tree-To-Tub” is such a mouthful. It’s great as a concept, or a movement, but as a brand name? It’s great. To be honest, the catchy, succinct, straightforward, and fun title was a big factor in my backing of the product, instead of just saying “oh, neat!” And scrolling on. It was eye+catching. Tree-To-Tub sounds absolutely pretentious and feel like the complete opposite direction, despite intention.

Rebekah Moss

I think the new name is quite clever and does fit in with the same idea as farm to Market. It isn’t as obvious, though, and one might think that the tree is becoming the tub, as in wood carving rather than tree soap. But advertising and adding the word Soap will help that. After all this, I can say that I do like it, and I love your Tree to Tub soap!


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