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Vitamin C Body Wash for Dry, Sensitive Skin - Citrus

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Moisture Defense Vitamin C Body Wash pump bottle in Citrus scent in front of its kraft box, around it are soapberry, aloe vera and orange slices against a white background.
Video of Moisture Defense Vitamin C Body Wash pump bottle in Citrus scent
Front side of Moisture Defense Vitamin C Body Wash pump bottle
Back side of Moisture Defense Vitamin C Body Wash pump bottle
Texture of Moisture Defense Vitamin C Body Wash, a drop of liquid soap in a very light amber shade.

Vitamin C Body Wash for Dry, Sensitive Skin - Citrus

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Customer Reviews

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Jerilyn OBrien
leaves my skin so soft and healthy

Hi, I am going to do a little video on Tree To Tub. I use several products from Tree To Tub. The first product I use in the shower. Yes. If I can get it up here, is a sunkissed citrus. It is the body, smells great. It helps your dry skin and leaves my skin so soft and healthy.

Then when I'm in the shower, I also have this bottle. It's for the face. It's a soapberry for the face awakening peppermint. This face wash balances my skin. It is very gentle, oil balancing and it's an active cleaner. Um I used to have problematic skin and I'm not having any issues now and it does not dry my face, it's the peppermint. Let's see if I can get it in there.

After cleansing in the shower, then I have I get out and dry off and this is the double hyaluronic serum and it's very hydrating. And this is for wrinkles. I use this every other night and every night. And during the day, I use the triple vitamin C. So the triple vitamin C, I use underneath my makeup, and also at night. And the triple vitamin C has helped my brown spots. I had a brown spot right here and right here. And you can see how that they're very they're getting very, very diminished.

Then at night, I also use the ginseng moisturizer. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I'm loving this cream. It's not greasy on your skin. Very healthy and moisturizing. It has retinol in it and some retinols are very harsh, but this one is not harsh on your face at all. I use this every night.

Also, every night I use the eye cream with the retinol. Again, it does not hurt your eyes. It's non irritating and it's packed with lots of vitamins.

During the day, I use, like I said, the vitamin C. And I also use a ginseng green tea, um deep hydrating face, very moisturizing again, not drying. And I just put on order the hair. I'm going to try that to see if my hair will get thicker. I do take vitamins for my hair right now and I have been using other products on my hair. Hopefully I'll see even greater results. I have been using the Tree To Tub now for seven months. I'm 63 years old, I think. Um I don't look too bad for 63. I hope this helps you decide if you would like to use Tree To Tub. It's great products and it's all natural, which is great impact with vitamins. Thanks for listening

Christine Severance
smells delicious

Tree to tub Soapberry for body Sunkissed Citrus, smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling soft.

Brooke Ahles
I'm in love with it

So I used the Tree To Tub Vitamin C wash and I love it. I would honestly probably never use any other body wash now, especially like it since I have extremely sensitive skin, I have super dry skin and um I have keratosis polaris on the backs of my arms, so they're always like bumpy and rough and so um I have a hard time finding products that work and this works really well. I also really find that it works well in those intimate areas to kind of balance the ph and especially like your underarms areas that are a little bit more smelly. Um So I'm in love with it and I now have actually purchased um the hair loss shampoo as well, so I'm kind of trying that out as well, but I haven't got that far yet, but I love all of the products so far.

Kim Burke
Gentle Cleansing for my skin

I just got off the shower and I thought this would be a wonderful time to tell you about my favorite Tree To Tub product. As you can see, it's the clay mask. This is one of the recent products that I've just tried. I love it because most clay masks dry your face out. They crumble and they just don't really feel good. This one, I can feel that it's pulling impurities from my skin. At least that what it feels like. I like it. Like I said, it does not during my piece out. However, before bed, I still like to use their face cream. So these two products are my favorite. My first product I started out with is the body wash. This is the baby here, this is the one that got me started. Then I went with the shampoo and conditioner. I love them all but if I have to pick a favorite: the mud mask. And then when I'm traveling, I can get my own sample pack. So I’m never without it. I definitely recommend all of them but as far as the cleansing its gentle on your skin and it feels like it's for all skin types. It really is. And I love that it’s vegan and they do not test on animals. That's the most important part to me. In the past, being vegan, that was the main issue for me to even try a product. And then when I tried them, they didn't leave me feeling as clean as I would like. These products do the job. They smell great. The ingredients are clean, and I might be addicted! Yeah, they're wonderful. You should try ‘em!

Rose Morgan
I love their body wash

Love this body wash. This might be my favorite Tree To Tub product yet, and I've used a lot of them. The smell is lovely, and really helps me enjoy my shower in the morning.