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Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer

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Ginseng Green Tea Face Moisturizer green jar against a white background, with green tea and aloe vera leaves behind it, and slices of ginseng root on the lower right
Video of Tamara sharing her review of Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer
Review by Kiffany L: I love the Green Tea Deep Hydration Moisturizer!! My skin feels immediately hydrated after I put it on, using it morning and night. My skin seems brighter and more even tone as well
Video for Anti-Aging, Deep Hydrating, Brightening Facial Care from Tree To Tub
Texture of Tree To Tub Deep Hydration Moisturizer, white cream applied by a spatula on a white background
Front side of Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer, green jar with black cap against a white background
Back side of Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer green jar, showing the ingredients list and directions for use
Review by Angela D: This is the most delightful facial lotion! Smooth, silky and gentle on the skin. It is highly concentrated so a little goes a long ways

Ginseng Green Tea Daily Deep Hydration Moisturizer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Diane Rogers
my skin just feel very moisturized and not quite as wrinkled, and my pores are a little smaller

Hi, my name is Diane and I have recently started using the Tree To Tub products on my face. I love them. First thing I tried was the um soap berry for your face. I washed my face with. It has a wonderful scent and wash it morning and evening and it just leaves my skin very moisturized. It's um very mild. And then after that I dry and I use this, it's called Ginseng Green Tea and it's a moisturizer. I love it. It has all their products have such a lovely light scent and I, you know, put it on my face and it just moisturizes my skin. I think it's making my, I have no makeup on right now. It's making my skin um just feel very moisturized and not quite as wrinkled and my pores are a little smaller. Then after the green tea I use uh the ginseng green tea hyaluronic toner. You just spritz it on a couple of times. It's, it just smells wonderful. I love it. And then the last product I use is the double hyaluronic hydration serum and they all go together and it just hydrates my skin very well. I never feel greasy or oily. It just moisturizes my skin and I use it all over my face and down my neck and it is just a wonderful product and I hope you will try their products as well. Thank you. Bye bye

Marie Padilla
my skin is very hydrated, very soft

Hi Marie here. Uh I just wanted to talk about a product that I'm absolutely in love with. Uh it's uh made by Tree to Tub. Uh It's a Ginseng Green Tea, deep hydration, face cream. It's got a really wonderful light scent, smells wonderful. Um but look at it just, you just need a little bit and my skin is very hydrated, very soft and I feel like it's glowing. So I love the product. Give it a try. Thank you.

Megan - Olympia, WA / Customer since 2018
Cosmetologist approved

I am a licensed cosmetologist and nature enthusiast who is constantly trying to find healthier and more eco friendly products for hair and skin. A client of mine actually told me about Tree to Tub and gave me some of her soapberries. Of course I HAD to order some products to try. I started with the face wash, moisturizer, body wash and lotion. HOLY WOW. My skin feels clean and smooth, not dry and not greasy. Just a perfect ph balance. I already placed a second order to try more products.

Morgan H
Helped clear my "mask-ne"

Hi! I live in Nebraska, and it's super dry and cold here. So I've been having issues with maskne from the pandemic. So I first got the ginseng green tea face cream, and it has significantly helped to clear up some of that acne that I was experiencing. And then I got the soapberry for face wash with the lavender scent, which is pretty gentle and mild. I would definitely recommend these products as they've really been helping my skin clear up.

Karen Saberzadeh
The products feel wonderful on my skin

Hi. My name is Karen and I am giving a review for the company. Tree to tub. I recently found them. I bought one of their products through another company's website and fell in love with it. And so I went on their website to see what else they had. The product that I started off trying was the ginseng green tea Retin on repair night cream. This works fabulous. You only need a tiny little bit. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. I have very sensitive skin and very dry skin. I live in Las Vegas, so it's very dry here. So once I started tried that product, I decided to give the little little sample pack that they have with shampoo and conditioner and lotion. I loved the products, so I ordered full sized products of it. I used the soapbrery for hair shampoo, the Aragn oil for hair conditioner, and I also use the soapberry for body wash. It does not leave my scalp or my skin itchy. Everything. It feels wonderful. I don't have any problems with breakouts. I also use the shea butter for body lavender. I like using that at night before I go to bed because the lavender scent kind of relaxes me and lets me go to sleep easier. I recently tried their shea cocoa, butter, body butter, the Sunkissed Citrus. All of their scents are very, very mild. They're not overpowering, and they don't bother my skin. Ah, lot of scented products I have problems with. But I haven't found any of their products that I have any issues with. And like I said, you don't need a lot of the items. So they did last a long time. I highly recommend this company and it seems like the guys that started it are really fun. And they send you, send you emails telling you about their country company and how it started in Taiwan. And I'm just really thrilled to share this with you. And I hope that you try the product line and love it as much as I do. Thanks. Have a great day!