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Refreshing Foaming Face Wash for Oily Skin - Peppermint

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Refreshing Foaming Face Wash pump bottle in Peppermint Scent, in front of its kraft box, around it are  Soapberry, Aloe Vera and Acai Berry.
Review by Jessica: Peppermint face soap is the best! This is the ONLY face soap I've used in 30 years that did NOT make me break out. Much love!
Video of Refreshing Foaming Face Wash pump bottle in Peppermint Scent
Video of Soapberry seeds tried by some friends for the first time
Review by Sandra: I absolutely love this face wash, it is silky smooth, cleans well and leaves the skin fresh without over drying. And love that it is natural.
Texture of Refreshing Foaming Face Wash in Peppermint Scent, a foam with very fine bubbles applied on a white surface
 Front side of Refreshing Foaming Face Wash in Peppermint Scent pump bottle, against a white background
Back side of Refreshing Foaming Face Wash in Peppermint Scent pump bottle, against a white background

Refreshing Foaming Face Wash for Oily Skin - Peppermint

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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Jerilyn OBrien
very gentle, oil balancing and it's an active cleaner

Hi, I am going to do a little video on Tree To Tub. I use several products from Tree To Tub. The first product I use in the shower. Yes. If I can get it up here, is a sunkissed citrus. It is the body, smells great. It helps your dry skin and leaves my skin so soft and healthy.

Then when I'm in the shower, I also have this bottle. It's for the face. It's a soapberry for the face awakening peppermint. This face wash balances my skin. It is very gentle, oil balancing and it's an active cleaner. Um I used to have problematic skin and I'm not having any issues now and it does not dry my face, it's the peppermint. Let's see if I can get it in there.

After cleansing in the shower, then I have I get out and dry off and this is the double hyaluronic serum and it's very hydrating. And this is for wrinkles. I use this every other night and every night. And during the day, I use the triple vitamin C. So the triple vitamin C, I use underneath my makeup, and also at night. And the triple vitamin C has helped my brown spots. I had a brown spot right here and right here. And you can see how that they're very they're getting very, very diminished.

Then at night, I also use the ginseng moisturizer. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I'm loving this cream. It's not greasy on your skin. Very healthy and moisturizing. It has retinol in it and some retinols are very harsh, but this one is not harsh on your face at all. I use this every night.

Also, every night I use the eye cream with the retinol. Again, it does not hurt your eyes. It's non irritating and it's packed with lots of vitamins.

During the day, I use, like I said, the vitamin C. And I also use a ginseng green tea, um deep hydrating face, very moisturizing again, not drying. And I just put on order the hair. I'm going to try that to see if my hair will get thicker. I do take vitamins for my hair right now and I have been using other products on my hair. Hopefully I'll see even greater results. I have been using the Tree To Tub now for seven months. I'm 63 years old, I think. Um I don't look too bad for 63. I hope this helps you decide if you would like to use Tree To Tub. It's great products and it's all natural, which is great impact with vitamins. Thanks for listening

Bella Bernath
Leaves Skin Feeling So Fresh & Clean!

I bought this cleanser off of another site but I had to come over to the Tree to Tub website to share my thoughts!
This foaming cleanser is so gentle and perfect for the morning. The peppermint is not overwhelming and it’s sooo refreshing. My skin always feels so clean after using this cleanser!! Love it :)

Christiane Rahuba
Did you say awake

I use the lavender scent for my bedtime face wash. this one is in my shower for mornings.
ok I'm awake!!!!

Cynthia Ganley
Great for pimples too!

First, this is a great face wash for reducing oily skin. I have always joked that you could fry chicken on my face because of the oils, but since I started using the Peppermint Face Wash the oils have reduced greatly! I ran out of the product for a while and noticed the oils on my face return so I am a true believer of this great product.
Second, I gifted my daughter the Peppermint Face Wash and she says it also, unexpectedly, reduces new red angry pimples overnight. She even told her roommate who experienced that same result.
This is a great product and works as described, plus more!

Aaron Wing
Best face wash ever

This is the product that really keeps me coming back. It is the best face wash I’ve ever had, hands down (in the sink while lathering on the peppermint face wash;) No seriously though, BEST!!!