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Free Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner Set $69+ | Exfoliating Body Wash & Shea Butter Lotion Set $99+

How are your Tree To Tub products made?

by Michael Koh

Have you ever wondered how your products are made?


Just like you, I am curious, and I want to take responsibility for the products I buy and use. It's can change the world one purchase at a time!


Here, let me show you how your Tree To Tub products are made... 



1. Eco-Friendly Harvesting

soapberry, soap nut, harvest, farming

As a native species, the Soapberry tree can be found in many regions of southern, tropical Taiwan. Every fall, we partner with local farmers and harvest wild Soapberries in the eco-reserves and mountains. These Soapberries are essentially wild, so we never had to cut a single tree to crop out farm lands. And of course, no fertilizers or pesticides are needed.

Not only the Soapberry trees don't do any damage, they actually protect the environment! We work with the government environmental protection agency to plant Soapberry trees along the river banks to protect the areas from flooding. The deep roots of the Soapberry trees are also great at protecting precious soil against brutal typhoons. Planting Soapberry trees is a win-win!

2. Hand-Processing

soapberry, soap nut, harvest

After harvesting the soapberries we dry them under southern sun. To get them ready for extraction we must separate dark black seeds from brown fruit shells. While we use the saponin-rich shells for juicing, we make these beautiful meditation bracelets with the seeds. Yep, the only byproduct is sacred.

This entire process is supported by the ladies of the village, usually the wives of the farmers. To them, this is a great part-time gig where they get to make side income and hang out with friends at the same time!

3. Environmental Juicing

soapberry, soap nut, harvest

How do Soapberries turn into your shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser?


It's through a rather simple process.

Imagine boil a pot of the Soapberries, then you use a strainer to filter out the organic debris. It's exactly that, but with a much bigger pot, a lot more Soapberries, and you repeat that for 8 times. 

Obviously, this juicing process produces zero toxins and pollutants. The best part is, the organic debris we filtered out are then donated to local farmers as organic fertilizer!

Fun Facts


  • There's only 1 harvest a year
  • A Soapberry tree takes 7 years to mature
  • A 250ml Soapberry product requires about 15 Soapberries


Unscented Ultra Gentle Body Wash pump bottle in front of its kraft box, with Soapberry nut, Aloe Vera, and Cucumber around it

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very interesting process to extract juice and unique product. Never heard of soapberries. excited to try a product.


I absolutely LOVE your products!! The shower gel helps me with my skin condition issues. The only reason why I haven’t gotten a subscription yet is because I’m trying various products to see which ones I like the best. But you’ve got a customer for life!!

Carol Michelle Crisafi

I really like your products, but wish more were made without lavender essential oil. I am very sensitive to that particular scent.

Toni Hawkins

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