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What is rPET Plastic and Why Do We Use It

by Michael Koh



Tree To Tub’s Packaging Is Now Made Of rPET (Recycled PET Plastic)


At Tree To Tub, we’ve always been committed to creating products that make you feel safe and comfortable while doing our part for the environment.


Today, we’re taking that a step further by switching to Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (aka rPET plastic) to package our products!*


But what is rPET exactly and how is it different from PET? And what are the benefits? Is rPET plastic even safe? Read on below if you want answers to these questions!


*Transitioning to rPET plastic takes time and as a result, only some of our products currently use it.

What is PET & rPET Plastic?


To know what rPET plastic is, it’s important to first define PET.


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE plastic) is a strong, lightweight, and non-toxic plastic widely used for packaging, fabrics, and many more. Because of these properties, PET has become the most recycled plastic worldwide!




This leads us to rPET.


When you fully recycle PET plastic, it becomes Recycled PET plastic (rPET for short). Simply put, we’re recycling consumer-used PET plastic so they can be used again. That’s rPET in a nutshell!




What are the benefits of switching to rPET Plastics?


Positive Impact for the Environment


By using rPET plastics, we can:

  • Lessen our carbon footprint since it takes less energy to recycle rPET compared to manufacturing Virgin PET
  • Lessen C02 emissions since the lightweight properties of rPET plastics cut down fuel costs during transport
  • Lessen the amount of PET plastics thrown into landfills or the ocean, preventing further pollution.



Reusability and Practicality


Not only is rPET beneficial for the environment, it’s also practical in Tree To Tub’s operations! Here’s why:

  • rPET packaging is shatterproof, which provides hygiene and safety in the supply chain
  • rPET turns consumer waste into a valuable resource
  • rPET helps us get closer to our sustainability goals


What are some of the Tree to Tub products that already use rPET?



Ultra Boost Volumizing Shampoo with Activating Biotin & Caffeine, in front of its kraft box, with Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Soapberry nut around it
Deep Hydrating Body Wash Lavender pump bottle in front of its kraft box, around it are soapberry, cucumber and aloe vera garnishes.
Moisture Defense Vitamin C Body Wash pump bottle in Citrus scent in front of its kraft box, around it are soapberry, aloe vera and orange slices against a white background.

Using rPET plastic is one of the most effective ways companies (like Tree To Tub) can help the environment, while still creating amazing products for our customers.


Is PET Plastic Safe?


For those of you asking this question––yes, it’s entirely safe to use rPET plastics.


PET plastics are FDA approved and have been subject to countless studies, tests, and regulatory processes for the past 30 years to ensure its safety.


What changes can you expect now that Tree To Tub uses rPET?


The answer to this question is… Nothing!


Our PET plastic packaging doesn’t alter the products you’ve come to know and love in any way. They are still exactly the same––they make you feel calm and confident, even if you have sensitive skin!


That said, you may notice a few things with our new, eco-friendly packaging.


Colored spots on packaging bottles


Tiny (harmless) black spots may appear on our rPET bottles because not all foreign particles can be filtered at 100%. Don't worry, they don't alter our naturally soothing products in any way––it just means we used recycled materials to package them!



So if you see black dots in your newly purchased Tree To Tub product, it means you’re holding a product that deeply cares about the well being of your skin and our environment! Because when you support Tree To Tub, you support Mother Nature 🌱


To learn more about PET and rPET plastics, we recommend reading the following resources:


Have more questions? Feel free to reach out directly or comment below!



Understanding the importance of rPET plastic is crucial for sustainable packaging solutions. This insightful blog brilliantly explains its benefits and why it’s a preferred choice. A must-read for anyone interested in eco-friendly practices!

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