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Soapberry Saved My Childhood 👶

by Michael Koh

When I was a baby in Taiwan, I would cry and scream just to avoid taking a bath. It wasn’t because I was a dirty kid. I actually wished I could love bath time just as much as other kids, but

soaps never allowed that...

The harsh chemicals in soap would burn my skin, causing red bumps to spread all over my body. My mom had tried every brand of soap she could find, but nothing worked on me, we thought there was no solution.

Until one day my amazing grandma brought home these dark, little berries from the forest (we lived in the countryside btw)...

With a little rub, these berries magically lathered up like soap, but with one amazing discovery, no burns and rashes!

Baby Michael
(Yep... that's me)

Its gentle, creamy lather made me feel safe when bath time came around. After months of using the berries, not only had I completely forgotten about the burning pain from harsh chemicals, my skin was smooth and healthy for the first time!

For thousands of years, the Soapberry has been used as the healing soap in both Indian Ayurvedic Dermatology and Chinese Herbal Medicine to soften skin & hair, and to treat dermatological conditions.

What makes the Soapberry lather is its “saponin”, the only foaming agent in the natural world. It has a natural pH of 5.5 - the same as our skin - so it doesn’t strip away our protective oil like basic chemical soaps do.


Its anti-inflammatory properties also calm and control skin redness and irritation, healing conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and etc. Not to mention that it’s also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, so it protects skin from infections!

How am I doing now? Except for small parts of my face, my skin is healthy and doesn't have any issues. I'm very grateful for it.

Why use chemical detergents on our body when we can use nature’s healing soap? Trust nature! If you’re interested in learning more? Check out 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Soapberry.

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